Fortran Source Check

Lahey Computer Systems offers this free service allowing anyone to submit their source code to view the compile-time diagnostics of three of our language system products.

You may submit a single Fortran source file or a .ZIP file containing multiple Fortran source files. All files that you submit will be checked and promptly erased from our server. They will be used for no other purpose.

File to submit:                 

  Check with:

Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95

Lahey Fortran 90
Essential Lahey Fortran 90






Source Form:
Free Fixed

(LF95 or LF90 only)



Show warnings

(LF95 or LF90 only)



Fortran 90/95 conformance check

(LF95 or LF90 only)


Warn about use of obsolescent features

(LF95 or LF90 only)



(LF95 or LF90 only)


Show source listing and cross reference


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