Fujitsu Visual Analyzer Maintenance Update

The following patch program will update the current version of VA to the latest maintenance release version. This is available only to owners of Visual Analyzer version 2.0 (stand-alone product only - not for LF95 PRO). To apply the patch, download and run the PATCH*.EXE program from Windows Start|Run. Follow the prompts to specify your existing installation directory.

  • Visual Analyzer 2.1 patch program (450 KB). Last updated 11/17/99.
    The downloaded file Patch21.exe should be 460,503 bytes.
  • Fixed in Version 2.1

    • Does not produce the .q files when analyzing source code with an include file.
    • Incorrect reporting of subroutine calling information in some cases.
    • Repeats and misaligns some output text.

    MATLAB compatibility

    Integration files are provided to support using the LF95 v7.2 compiler within MATLAB. The MATLAB compatibility library (LFMATLAB.LIB) is provided to facilitate the creation of MATLAB MEX functions and programs using the MATLAB engine.

    These files provide seamless integration with MATLAB and external API procedures. MATLAB example code should not require any modification when LF95 support is enabled.

    Tested with MATLAB v7.11.1.866 (R2010b) and Lahey LF95 v7.2

  • Matlab compatibility Last updated 06/11.
    The downloaded file lf72matlab.exe should be 50,997 bytes.

  • ED for Windows - LF95 update

    • EDPATCH.EXE (204 KB) installation program to update the full-featured ED for Windows (version 3.80 only) with Lahey-specific files to support debugging and other new features of Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95.

    f90gl OpenGL Interface

    • SETUPF90GL.EXE (1.4 MB) installation program for f90gl OpenGL Interface (March 2002, version 1.24) for LF95 v5.x, LF90 v3.0-v4.5, and Essential LF90 v4.0.

    LF95 file format converter

    • UNFSEQ.F90 (4 KB) program to convert unformatted sequential files from LF95 format to Lahey's LF90 and EM/32 format.


    • WINSPOOL.LIB (2 KB) import library for Windows API print functions. Use with INTERACTER Windows Print Manager driver.

    Fortran preprocessor

    •  FPP.FOR (6 KB) source for the Fortran conditional compilation preprocessor for LF90 or any F77 compilers.