Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran Professional v7.3
Maintenance Update

The update program below will update the current version of your product to the latest maintenance release version. This is only for owners of the same minor numbered version of the product. To update, download the update program below and run it in Windows.

The version number is in the form major.minor.patch where the maintenance update version is the patch number. It is displayed in the first line of the banner when the compiler is invoked, as well as in listing files. The update program will update your product from any previous maintenance version.

To digress to a previous version, the entire product must be uninstalled, then reinstalled by running the original setup program. Then, the update program for the desired maintenance release can be run. (Saving downloaded updates is recommended for this purpose. Previous versions can also be  requested from

Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran v7.3 Release Notes

The following descriptions are cumulative.

Version 7.3.4 Version 7.3.3 Version 7.3.2
  • Installation
    • Updated code signing certificate for installing Help pages with Microsoft Help Library Manager
Version 7.3.1

Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran v7.3 Bug Fix Descriptions

The following descriptions are cumulative.

Fixed in Version 7.3.4

  • Visual Studio Fortran Integration
    • Fixed VS crash or hang while using source code editor with particular source code
    • Improved scanning INCLUDE files for IntelliSense information

Fixed in Version 7.3.3

  • Visual Studio Fortran Integration
    • Fixed display of settings page for Tools > Options > LF Fortran > Debugging
    • Fixed Fortran display items in Tools > Options > Fonts and Colors
    • Fixed Intellisense for source code with an INTERFACE block embedded within an explicit INTERFACE
    • Fixed Intellisense for variables in include files
    • Fixed build order for modules with module procedures with outside dependencies
    • Fixed integrated debugger hang caused by code with any variable whose name begins with a named common block name
    • Reduced possibilities of integrated debugger hangs by instead displaying "Unable to determine value" of variable

Fixed in Version 7.3.1

  • Visual Studio Fortran Integration
    • Fixed debugger to allow debugging a Fortran DLL.
    • Minor fix in IntelliSense Quick Info text
    • Minor fix in Object Browser/Class View display
    • Improved formatting when inserting a code snippet
    • Minor fixes to errata in documentation