Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran Professional v7.2
Maintenance Update

The update program below will update the current version of your product to the latest maintenance release version. This is only for owners of the same minor numbered version of the product. To update, download the update program below and run it in Windows.

The version number is in the form major.minor.patch where the maintenance update version is the patch number. It is displayed in the first line of the banner when the compiler is invoked, as well as in listing files. The update program will update your product from any previous maintenance version.

To digress to a previous version, the entire product must be uninstalled, then reinstalled by running the original setup program. Then, the update program for the desired maintenance release can be run. (Saving downloaded updates is recommended for this purpose. Previous versions can also be  requested from

  • LF Fortran Professional v7.2.3 update program (8.6 MB). Last updated July 28, 2010.
    The downloaded file LFPro723Patch.exe should be 8,982,469 bytes.
  • LF Fortran v7.2 Release Notes Please read this before downloading and installing the update program.
  • LF Fortran v7.2 Bug Fix Descriptions of bugs fixed in the maintenance updates.
  • Projected release date for next update:  Undetermined.

  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran v7.2 Release Notes

    The following descriptions are cumulative.

    Version 7.2.3

  • See LF Fortran v7.2 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • Version 7.2.2

  • See LF Fortran v7.2 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • Online Help
  • Change documentation concerning linking multiple libraries to state that lib names are separated by semicolons, not spaces.
  • Documentation of "-long" compiler option corrected.
  • Visual Studio Fortran Integration
  • Add "Go To Declaration" and "Go To Definition" support for variables and procedures. When the mouse is hovered over a variable or procedure name and the right mouse button is clicked, selecting "Go To Declaration" from the menu that appears will cause the cursor to move to the declaration of the variable or procedure. When selecting "Go To Definition" the cursor will move to the definition of a derived type or a function implementation. If a variable is intrinsically defined, a generic procedure, or if source code for a variable or procedure declaration is not available, the cursor remains on the name reference.
  • Extend intellisense method tips to include user definedprocedures within solution. Previously method tips were only displayed for intrinsic procedures. Currently, intellisense for generic procedures is not supported.
  • Extend intellisense quickinfo to all user defined procedures in solution. Previously quickinfo was only displayed if the user defined procedure was in the same file.
  • Support keeping source files in separate subfolders within a project.
  • The trial license will now reset to allow a new 2 week trial period each time a new version of the integration package is released.
  • Remove nonfunctional "Add Reference..." from context menu.
  • Permanent license file. After v. is installed, it should not be necessary to save off your purchased license before installing a subsequent upgrade, as the license file is not removed or overwritten on uninstallation or upgrade. Regardless of this, you should still maintain a backup copy of the license file. Note that saving the license is still necessary when upgrading from a version prior to
  • Added expanded example demonstrating calling Fortran DLL from a managed C# application. Example shows how to pass various intrinsic types as well as arrays and derived types.
  • Tracing for license issues and load failures has been implemented. See separate section entitled "Tracing Load Failures" for information on enabling tracing.
  • WiSK Wizard has been removed and replaced with a WiSK template.
  • Project facility removes any Import node that refers to Fortran.Targets. This is done to clean up any old project files that contain said reference.
  • Trial license message now reflects the proper version of Visual Studio.
  • VS2008 Standard, Pro and Extensible shell versions are now supported. VS2005 and VS2008 have separate installers.
  • Installation directories previously named "Visual Studio" under the "v7.2" and "Examples" directories have been renamed to "Visual Studio 2005" or "Visual Studio 2008" depending on the package installed.
  • The installer will now automatically remove previous version of the integration when installing a later version, so it is no longer necessary to uninstall an existing version before upgrading.
  • The autogenerated "Fortran.Targets" file has been removed. This file could cause problems when moving projects or doing a get from source control.
  • The FortranAutomation example has been modified so that a reference to the FortranProject assembly is no longer necessary. This reference caused problems on certain systems.
  • License files of the form lf_lic_serial no.fig are now accepted. License files with this form are not removed when the package is uninstalled and reinstalled, as happens when updates are published.
  • The install program now resets skipped packages.
  • Product details screen now shows integration package version number.
  • Lahey Logo now appears in "Installed Products" splash screen.

  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran v7.2 Bug Fix Descriptions

    The following descriptions are cumulative.

    Fixed in Version 7.2.3

  • Visual Studio Fortran Integration
  • Fixed bug that causes error when starting Automatic Outlining in Fortran source file.
  • Fixed Help filters.
  • Fixed in Version 7.2.2

  • Visual Studio Fortran Integration
  • Fixed bug in user code causing compilation to be aborted.
  • Fixed bug in user supplied code that causes syntax coloring to fail after compile.
  • Fixed bug causing VS to hang when opening user supplied code.
  • Fixed bug causing improper handling of multiple libpaths.
  • Fixed bug where fixed form comments past column 72 may cause keywords to not be colorized.
  • Fixed bug where fixed form comments past column 72 on END statement causes VS to hang.
  • Fixed bug where ENTRY keyword not colorized
  • Fixed a bug when trying to set multiple module paths or include paths separated by semicolons.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that could cause colorization errors.
  • .Net example uses x86 CPU type to prevent "Invalid Image" message from occurring when solution is built on 64 bit system.
  • Bug where trailing comments extending past line 140 were not colorized. Comments now accepted out to column 600+.
  • Bug where a type definition statement with a trailing comment was not colorized. This may also have affected outlining.
  • Fixed bug where parser might cause VS to crash under certain editing circumstances.
  • Problem with "License error 21" when exercising a Trial License should be resolved.
  • Problems with "garbage" characters appearing on screen with fixed form source code fixed.
  • Build error when module or include paths contain a trailing slash fixed.
  • Problems with outlining type definitions and last procedure in a file fixed.
  • Backslide fixed where build output does not appear in output window on Vista.