Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran v7.0 (Enterprise, Professional, and Developer editions) Maintenance Update

The update program below will update the current version of your product to the latest maintenance release version. This is only for owners of the same minor numbered version of the product. To update, download the update program below and run it in Windows.

The version number is in the form major.minor.patch where the maintenance update version is the patch number. It is displayed in the first line of the banner when the compiler is invoked, as well as in listing files. The update program will update your product from any previous maintenance version. The existing product must have been installed from the product CD with the Windows registry information still intact.

To digress to a previous version, the product must be uninstalled, then reinstalled, from the product CD. Then, the update program for the desired maintenance release can be run. (Saving downloaded updates is recommended for this purpose. Previous versions can also be  requested from

  • LF Fortran v7.0.1 update program (5.6 MB). Last updated 10/3/03.
    The downloaded file Patch701.exe should be 5,856,046 bytes.
    Note: This is the final v7.0 update.
  • LF Fortran v7.0.1 update program for 3 1/2 inch high density (1.44 MB) floppy diskettes.
  • LF95 v7.0 Release Notes Please read this before downloading and installing the update program.
  • LF95 v7.0 Bug Fix Descriptions of bugs fixed in the maintenance updates.

  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran v7.0 Release Notes

    The following descriptions are cumulative.

    Version 7.0.1

  • See LF95 v7.0 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • Online Help
    Online Help updated.
  • Fortran 95 - compiler v5.71.1 (Enterprise and Professional editions)
    LIB environment variable can now be used as a searchpath for object (.obj) files.

  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran v7.0 Bug Fix Descriptions

    The following descriptions are cumulative.

    Fixed in Version 7.0.1

  • Fortran for .NET (Enterprise and Developer editions)
  • Calling method in GINO graphics DLL causes compiler abort.
  • ILasm error occurs when a System.IntPtr argument is specified to Win32 DLL procedure.
  • USTRING function causes unusual termination compilation error.
  • Incorrect diagnostic for .NET Framework's IContainer interface.
  • Fortran 95 - compiler v5.71.1 (Enterprise and Professional editions)
  • Unresolved references for Lahey extension intrinsics with -nstaticlib.
  • Abnormal termination error generated if subroutine compiled with -chk and main compiled with -nchk.
  • Runtime incorrectly treats a dummy argument associated with an absent actual argument as a zero-length dummy argument.
  • Fujitsu C: Include files cannot be found when there is a trailing backslash in the INCLUDE environment variable.
  • WiSK: In the WiSK Resource Editor, the menu option "Settings, Preferences" does not work.
  • WiSK: DrawableDialog parameter added to Winteracter module.
  • Visual Studio .NET Fortran Integration (all editions)
  • Editor: Numbers are recognized as string display items.
  • Build: Double-clicking on build error for win32 project does not jump to line in source file.
  • Build: Cannot build successfully when the -split option is specified, or when the compile is automatically restarted with the -split option after a 8694-U error.
  • Debugger: Initialized variables are not recognized.
  • Debugger: Strings not shown or incorrect with a derived class.
  • Debugger: Crash on allocation of a pointer array.
  • Debugger: Locals window update causes VS crash.
  • Debugger: Arrays with more than one dimension do not display properly.