Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Linux64 Pro v8.1 maintenance update

The update program archive below will update the current version of your product to the latest maintenance release version. This is only for owners of the same numbered version of the product.

To update, download the archive below and save it to the update sub-directory of the LF64 v8.1 installation. See the README in the archive (or below) for more information.

The maintenance version is the alpha character after the version number. It is displayed by specifying the --version compiler option. The update program will update your product from any previous maintenance version.

  • LF64 Pro v8.10b update program archive. Last updated 3/02/09.
    The downloaded file lf64v8.1_b_pro_patch.tgz should be 4,120,769 bytes. 
  • LF64 v8.1 Readme Please read this before downloading and installing the update program.
  • Projected release date for next update: (Undetermined)

  • LF64 v8.1 Bug Fix Descriptions

    Bug Fixes in v8.10b

  • WRITE(*,'(a)') was missing the first character on output

  • Programs were terminating abnormally when allocatable component was specified in the derived type with SAVE attribute.
      module mod
        type t
          real,allocatable :: a(:)
        end type
      end module

      subroutine sub()
        use mod
        type(t),allocatable,save :: ta(:)
      end subroutine

  • The execution performance was worse when a dummy argument was associated with actual argument of array section, and the issue is improved.
    Example:  call sub( array(:,:,1),i,j,k )   end   subroutine sub(array,i,j,k)     real array(i,j,k)     ..   end subroutine

  • Executable programs were terminating abnormally when intrinsic function SIN and COS were specified together in a loop.

  • The compiler was terminating abnormally when the program that uses nested loops was compiled with -O2 or higher option.

  • The program was terminating abnormally when an OpenMP or automatic-parallelized program was built as shared library.

    Bug Fixes in v8.10a

  • --blocksize now supported correctly

  • --xref: Seg fault fixed due to bad managed buffer and incorrect creation of temp. files

  • --inline and -x now supported correctly

  • Licence Errors have been improved so compiler continues working if ethernet is disconnected

  • Improved syntax validation of email during installation to fix HTTP_POST_ERROR messages

  • bash_setup and csh_setup renamed to bash_laheyfort_setup and csh_laheyfort_setup to make uninstallation safer

  • library path added to /etc/ during installation so libraries can always be found (in some distributions LD_LIBRARY_PATH can not be set)

  • Modified installation files to make them compatible with more distributions