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Known Issues
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Visual Studio Fortran Support
GFortran Build Package Versions
Supporting Free Software

Known Issues

** This issue will be supported in a future update.

Change Log

Visual Studio Fortran Support

GFortran Build Package Versions

Source code for each package version can be obtained from the distributor of each package, respectively.
GMP 6.0.0
MPFR 3.1.3
MPC 1.0.3
ISL 0.14.1
BINUTILS 2.25 Patch;a=commit;h=5a3f568b70bdfb91aacdfb66657b56d8c6d242f1
EXPAT 2.1.0
ICONV 1.14-2
GDB 7.12
GCC svn:// 5.4.1 pulled from SVN repository on version date of compiler

Supporting Free Software

The Lahey/GNU Fortran portion of this product contains free software that is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL). It is an assemblage of efforts that spans the globe, and is a truly remarkable accomplishment.

Lahey Computer Systems pledges that a portion of its net revenues from this product will be donated to support free software, and specifically, free GFortran. We urge anyone who is likewise inclined to support free software to donate as they see fit.